Front Mission Evolve-ing spring 2010

Double Helix’s third-person-shooter take on Square Enix’s turn-based strategy franchise deploying early this year on 360, PS3, PC.

Square Enix’s long-running Front Mission franchise has been known for its turn-based tactical strategy since the first installment debuted in 1995. However, the publisher tapped Irvine, California-based Double Helix Games to transition the mech-combat series into the third-person shooter genre with Front Mission Evolved. Today, Square Enix revealed when the fruit of Double Helix’s efforts will be seen, announcing a spring 2010 launch for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC game.

Front Mission Evolved once again sees humanity gripped by war, with the face of that conflict being the wanzer battle mechs. Players will be able to take direct control of the lethal war machines in a single-player campaign that involves a terrorist attack on the government’s orbital elevator. Assuming the role of engineer Dylan Ramsey, players pursue the terrorist organization, uncovering a nefarious plot involving a deteriorating global alliance along the way.

Emphasizing fast-paced third-person action, the game also features an array of customization options for the wanzers. Customization extends the game’s multiplayer component, where players can go online for single- or team-based battles against other players.

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