Capcom revealing new 360 game next week

Japanese publisher holding “title premiere for Xbox 360” on Tuesday, Tokyo time–meaning news of announcement will likely arrive in North America on Monday.

Next week may be a big one for Capcom-loving Xbox 360 owners. The official Japanese Xbox site is currently teasing a “Capcom Title Premiere for Xbox 360” as happening on Tuesday, January 26–which would likely mean a Monday reveal in North America.

The black screen also bears the words “Microsoft x Capcom”–raising the very faint possibility of a crossover title similar 2005’s Namco x Capcom.

It’s black because it’s draped in mystery.

A far, far more likely scenario is that the Japanese publisher will announce either an all-new IP or 360 adaptation of one of its more popular franchises. Since moving to a console-agnostic strategy during 2007 and 2008, Capcom has brought such hit properties as Devil May Cry, Resident Evil, and Street Fighter to Microsoft’s latest console for the first time.

The list of active IPs not on Microsoft’s platform is short, with Monster Hunter being the most popular in Japan–where the Xbox 360 remains largely shunned despite Microsoft’s ongoing wooing. The mystery game could also be a reboot of the Onimusha series, which appeared on the PlayStation 2 and original Xbox, or a remake of a classic Resident Evil title along the lines of the Wii’s Darkside Chronicles.

There’s always the chance of an new Xbox Live Arcade offering from one of Capcom’s myriad arcade series–several of which (Street Fighter, 1942, Final Fight) are already on the online service. Finally, the game might be a new installment in an existing Xbox 360 series, although Dead Rising 2 and Lost Planet 2 have already been announced.

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